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Fundraising Idea Using Custom Bricks and Tiles

For those who oversee raising funds for any organization, it can be hard to come up with new ideas people will latch on to. It seems that the wrapping paper and cookie dough have just about run their course. Why not go for something that will honor someone and last for generations to come? Using customized bricks and tiles in your fundraising campaign is something to consider. Not only are customized bricks a great seller, they can make for a beautiful addition to a park, school, museum or any place for that matter. Hardscape areas are becoming more popular since they are considered low maintenance.

Engraved Bricks

There are various styles and sizes of brick products that allow an organization exceed revenue targets and meet their goals in a fundraising campaign. The bricks can have text only which are considered entry level. The next step up has text and clip-art to represent something significant, then there are custom options that allow corporate logos, artwork, signatures and things of that nature.

Take it a step further and allow the donor to purchase a mini brick that is a replica of the original brick. Many times, family or close friends are located out of town and may not ever get to see the brick in place when the project is complete. This is a way for them to view it in a “mini” version.


Most of the clients use a sand base to install their bricks in. The reason for this is that in the areas where blank bricks are installed, they can be replaced in future fundraising campaigns with new engraved bricks. Don’t worry, the bricks can’t be removed without a special piece of equipment. The brick area will always have a clean and finished look. It is recommended that a professional masonry contractor handle the installation.

Visit www.brickmarkers.com for pricing and to request a free brick sample. Once you see the quality of the brick and engraving, it will be clear that Brick Markers is a company committed to uncompromised quality. This is a perfect way to take fundraising to the next level.

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